Thursday, November 20, 2008

Legs of Lamb

Reading a book at the moment about my mate Gary Lamb's adventure of prayer walking the whole way around the coast of Britain. How great does that sound?! It's called 'Legs of Lamb', and it's his story of his whole trek around Britain. I am blown away! It's such a good read, detailing his highs and lows, the amazing people who helped him along the way and the conversations and meetings that he had with the most surreal people. Yet out of this seemingly crazy idea came such goodness, and I'm at present reading of divine moments he had with complete strangers, who let him into their home, feed him, talked with him, listened to him and opened up to him.

I'm totally sure that many people do amazing things like this simply to say they've done it, and move on to the next adventure. Yet Gary's reasons are not what you'd expect. He sensed that it was God leading him to do this, and i love that even though there was great doubt (like anyone would...'come again, God!'), he got on and did it. And God, time and time again, revealed himself to people through this. Awesome!

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