Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting ready for Summer '10

I can't quite believe summer is just around the corner! Is it nearly April already? Summer vibes are deffo in the air!

We're at that time of year of getting the Centre ready and looking new, which we've been doing for some weeks already. We've got new ideas and trying to be creative. We've given the Centre a new lick of white paint, and now have a blank canvas to work from. I'm currently painting the outside of it.

I'm just working on putting a little talk together on prayer at the mo for when the 2 week teams are here. Still loving praying...which is a bonus as it's a major part of what we do. Am reading Paul Cho's book on 'Prayer: Key to Revival'. It's pretty decent, with solid teaching. When it was written in 1983 or so, this guy was leading the worlds largest Church in S.Korea. It had about 3-400,000! Pretty huge number of people! Just saw on Wiki that it now numbers 830,000 and has several services each Sunday to accommodate them all.

His book includes some teaching on fasting too, which i must say that i'm not disciplined in whatsoever, yet have a desire to include this discipline in my prayer life. I've got some things on my heart that i'd love to see God bring breakthrough, especially for our work this summer. I feel like i need to get prepared and ready for everything that God has in store for me and for us here in Ibiza!

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