Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soda Bread!

I managed it - at last! For so long i couldn't get hold of any buttermilk here in Ibiza (which apparently you can make yourself), and that was the key ingredient that hindered me trying this loaf. But the local supermarket now stocks some. Result!

Soda bread is a typical Irish bread, with many various forms. In Northern Ireland, it is usually made with wholemeal flour and takes the name 'Wheaten Bread', which is chuffin' delicious with butter and jam. Because Bicarbonate of soda is used for leavening instead of yeast, this is a real quick bread to make and needs no proving. You gotta try it - takes about 10 mins to make and about half an hour to cook. Having got the taste for the real thing when in Northern Ireland in 2008, i'm glad i've finally made some, and with my girlfriend being Irish, i have plenty of reason to cook this more often.

By the way, check out my friend Phil Evan's cool blog called Creativitiy with food. He's living and working out in Macedonia and doing some 24-7 Prayer stuff there. I got some inpiration from his website when i cooked a meal on Saturday using Pork Belly - a cut of Pork that i've not used before. I cooked it with fennel and got the crackling just right. The meat is so tender and tastes great! I got it from the market in Ibiza town, which i love looking round and taking in all the sights and smells, a real experience.

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