Monday, March 29, 2010

One of those blogs you'll hate me for - sorry!

I know you're gonna hate me for blogging like this, but it'd be rude not to. This blog covers all the bases don't you know. Question: have you ever seen a yacht with a group of people on it, all of them seemingly having the best time of their lives and jealously thought 'I wish that was me?' (by the way, they are in fact having the best time – I can prove it).

I've often coveted (ever so slightly) those people on their yachts and sailing boats here in Ibiza, and yesterday was a chance to sample the high life as I got invited out on one of Brian and Tracy's friend's sailing boats. Martin – the guy who owns the boat - is such a generous guy, and really treated us all to an amazing day. We all took goes steering the boat as we sailed a little out to sea until Brian did some interesting skippering of the boat and took us in a whole new direction...but it was time to get to a little inlet and anchor down to have lunch anyway. We popped open the wine, had some bacon butties with English cheddar cheese and enjoyed the warm weather on deck listening to some music. It's moments like that you you think 'am I really here?' We cheered the Heasley's for having been in Ibiza 5 whole years as a family. Absolute awesome effort guys – pleasure to enjoy the moments with you.

The questions on our lips were: do we go swimming? Will it be warm enough? The lads got in, and I couldn't let them out-do me, so I got involved with Ellis, Dan, and Matthew and had a dip - albeit an ABSOLUTELY freezing one! I went with the 'dive-straight-in' approach, preferring that to the lad's 'slowly-slowly-in' technique. But it was a shock to the system to say the least. I swam one circuit of the boat before getting straight back out. March – too cold to go swimming in Ibiza!

When you cap off a day like that with a curry, you know it's been one of 'em days! What a wkd day - good times!

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