Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning Spanish

Today Helen and i went to have a Spanish lesson at Solvieg's Country house in the North of the Island. Her place is near a village called Santa Agnes. We met her at the Anglican retreat last Saturday and she very kindly offered us both a lesson in Spanish in return for a little help around her house.

We drove there today, with the suspension nearly breaking from the dodgy roads, but we made it. She lives in such a remote part of the Island, but yet with Ibiza being so small, it's not too far from the town of San Antonio. I have totally hit the ground running in this lesson, and for most of the hour she got me speaking Spanish, and it is what i need.

After our lesson in her gorgeous kitchen, she showed us around the grounds of her place, giving us an idea of how we'll help her. I was gob-smacked! It is THE most gorgeous place i have ever seen...imagine a beautiful white-washed farm house, nestled between gorgeous rolling hills on one side and country-side on the other. She keeps hens (there were 9 little chicks in a box in her kitchen!), goats, and one lively dog, has numerous olive, almond and orange trees, and is also a bee-keeper, looking after 9 'houses' that the bees live in. Her house runs completely on Solar energy, and she has this outside Bread oven. That blew me away - how great would that be?! She grows every vegetable you can imagine, and our jobs will vary from repairing walls, to weeding her garden and maybe even painting her house. I'm really going to look forward to this each and every week. I think I'll enjoy much more the work side of this deal then the Spanish teaching, however, the chance to get to know Solveig and her family a little better it by far the best part.


Fredrik said...

A picture speaks a thosand words but I think that you again beat the picture in how many words you communicate. ;)
How about showing us some picture next time? :)

Fredrik said...

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