Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Clubbing Adventure from 2008

In the summer of 2008, one story stands out in particular. At the start of the summer I got to know a singer called Kym Mazelle a little. She was over in Ibiza promoting her new Gospel band and got in touch with 24-7 Ibiza. She used to come to Ibiza in the 80's and 90's, doing lots of live PA's and did a lot of wild partying, so her name pulled crowds easily.

I found out that she was singing at an event called 'Ibiza Full Moon Party', a party that was going to take place under the moon. Me and 2 friends were up for going along to support her and dance and pray. When we got there, we were gutted to find that her gig wasn't due to go ahead for whatever reason things didn't seem to be organised and instead of it being an outside gig, everyone was inside dancing to the DJs.

Kym was quite disheartened, and didn't want to sing without her band, and was quite worried about going back into the club. She preferred to be outside and for the people to come to her. But Michael persuaded her to go ahead and sing, and to not worry that her band wasn't with her; there was a DJ, some beats, and lots of people dancing, so why not take this opportunity to sing out and witness about her faith in God? She was very cautious and needed a lot of encouragement. Michael just seemed to have all the right words and encouraged her greatly. You need to know that although Kym's background is in gospel music, she got very deep into the whole Ibiza party scene – the darker side of it all - and got pretty sucked into it. After hitting rock bottom, she turned back to God who ignited her passion for people and for Ibiza but now her reasons for coming back to the Island had changed. Hence why she didn't want to go back 'into the clubs'. But she was persuaded, and so we said a quick prayer and in we went.

It turned out to be one of those nights that you never forget. Once in the club, which was really packed, we made our way over to the raised platform upon which the DJ was playing. Many people were dancing on this platform too, and so access to the DJ was very easy. The promoter didn't seem to know what was going on and seemed very incompetent, so Michael just took control and sorted out a microphone for Kym and plugged it into the DJs mixer. The DJ seemed not to notice, and so we carried on.

Kym then just sang out about her love for God and about his great love for us, and we were there alongside her dancing and praying. She sang over the music, and people were just mesmerised by her loud, big, soulful voice. It contained power, and she seemed to sing of her relationship with God that just made sense. At the end of it many people just came up to her and asked her about what she did and who she was. It felt such a great witness to God. It felt that on a night that creation and the Moon was worshipped, we actually got to worship the one who created it all.

I danced and praised God, and had the biggest grin on my face. Who says God cannot be worshipped in the most unlikely of places? God just cannot be contained in temples built by human hands and his presence is everywhere, even in a packed, sweaty club full of people dancing to the beats.


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