Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventures in Clubland

I love clubbing, and as you can imagine, living and working in Ibiza means lots of opportunities to see the best DJs play the best clubs. The choice is endless, whether it's Sunday afternoon clubbing out on the terrace or some uplifting trance at Amnesia. We often have some cool stories of our clubbing adventures and i've recently sent one to my friend Jon Oliver who I worked with in Bournemouth when he was the Club Chaplain. We went to a club called 'Slinky' on Friday nights and got to know clubbers and as we chilled out struck up some conversations with people.

Jon has recently written a book called 'Night Vision' and also blogs about clubbing too. He ran some highly successful 'Church for the Night' events in Bournemouth too - that still go on - opening an Anglican Church in the heart of the town during some very unusual hours of the night - roughly 11pm till 6am. This meant many clubbers stumbled in after their night out and suddenly had a desire to talk about their life, write down a prayer or just sit in silence. This event still goes on and is run by Michael French and his team. Michael spent a summer with us in 2008 and he's top guy.

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