Monday, April 5, 2010

Living Beautifully

I love this phrase so much.

I think it was Mother Teresa who used this phrase - and i for one think she did live such a beautiful life. She cared for the broken, the dying, the hurting, the forgotten, those with disease that meant they were ignored, the rejected. She did this for no fame, no money - nor did she want position or title. Now that's beautiful.

Jesus Christ also lived beautifully too. In fact, he did the ultimate, he gave up his life for humankind - the most beautiful and precious act a person can do for someone. He dies in our place, so that we might know God the Father. He took upon himself all our sin and shame and guilt so that we might go free. WOW!

So what does it mean to live beautifully?

A beautiful life is one that is poured out for others in service to them - not wanting to get something out of it.
It's a life that looks to the inner beauty of a person's heart and not the outward beauty that is so often praised in our society today.
A beautiful life is generous with resources for those that are overlooked and uncared for.

How can i live beautifully this summer here in Ibiza? That's a question that is on my mind right now. I desire Christ to cloth me with his beauty this summer - that's a good place to start. To be clothed with his kindness, his compassion, his justice, his forgiveness. I really don't think i can do it otherwise, or find it from anywhere else.

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