Friday, April 9, 2010

Prayer for Europe

Have you seen the move to pray for Europe by 24-7 Prayer? It looks like that the focus is back on this awesome continent with fresh vigour and us guys in Spain want to get involved.

We've got our Prayer team here in the last week of April and we're hoping to kick off the summer with some focused prayer. It'll be great having a team of up-for-it volunteers helping and aiding us in praying.

We'll be praying for San Antonio - for all the people that we know who live and work in this great place; for God to visit people and reveal himself; for God's power to be shown; for strength and courage for all of us living and working out here. We'll also be praying for the nation of Spain too.

We've signed up for a slot on Tuesday 27th. Sign up here If you've got the heart and the time to help us pray, then do get involved and contact one of us.

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