Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 24-7 Centre

I think that's what we're called...

The 24-7 Centre. It's not the best name, but one that suits us for now. It's the easiest to remember and tell people. I was there today for the afternoon. We open at 4pm and keep the doors open till 8pm. On average, we have around 25 visitors, sometimes more, sometimes less. It can depend on what DJs were playing the night before. Like Tuesdays might not be as busy as the mega-star 'DJ Tiesto' plays at the worlds biggest club called Privilege on Monday nights. Today wasn't so busy, but we had quite a few regulars in, and it's great getting to know them more each day and hear what they're up to.

Our 'Centre' is equipped with some very trendy features, which i think you'll agree are pretty awesome for a place known just as 'the centre'. We have, in no particular order...a Pool table, 3 computers for people to get online, some comfy sofas, an XBox 360, a Nintendo Wii, a very, very funky prayer room with its own sofas and chairs and prayer wall, and a small toilet. The whole thing is much bigger than what 24-7 Ibiza have had for the last two years, so it's great to be able to fit all our visitors in at the same time. Everyone loves popping into the Prayer room and just reading some of the prayers...they're intrigued and amused i guess.

I'm getting good at Golf on the Wii. Of course, i have to play with some of the workers who visit - it would be wrong not to!!! I'll tell you more of what i get up to in the centre in due course.

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