Saturday, July 5, 2008


So last weekend i and some friends went to Pacha, one of the most glamourous clubs in Ibiza and possibly the whole world! Pacha the club began in a small village called Stiges outside of Barcelona in 1967, and after it proved a hit, they opened Pacha Ibiza in 1973. They have clubs all around the world now, and it has become a global franchise, yet Pacha Ibiza contains the spirit of Ibiza, and it really is the daddy of clubs! It is open all year round, but come May, the club is open every day of the week until it's official closing party in October, when it reverts to just being open once a week...

For those of you who hate clubbing and know nothing about DJs, you might not want to read what i'm about to write, as it might bore you. However, for those of you who love clubbing and dance music, check out the nights that Pacha have here in might make you cry!

Various DJs, promotors and labels all 'host' a certain night, and they are in charge of the music. Here is the line-up...Roger Sanchez hosts his 'Release Yourself' parties every Monday night. Tuesday is all about 'Defected', with DJs like Bob Sinclair, Juniour Jack and Kid Creme. Erick Morillo DJs every Wednesday with his 'Subliminal' nights...Thursdays is 'F*** ME I'M FAMOUS', hosted by David Guetta. Friday is 'Pure Pacha' and DJs like Faithless, Basement Jaxx and Axwell show up. On Saturdays the USA take over for their 'Def Mix' nights and fly over some of house music biggest legends like Frankie Knuckles and David Morales, and the week finishes with various stuff happening on Sundays.

And this goes on every week. You could easily come to Ibiza and just go to Pacha every night. But that'd be sad and boring, and very expensive, especially considering a ticket for one night can cost anywhere between 37 - 50 Euros. And don't get me started with their drinks prices...a coke is 7 Euros, a can of Red Bull is 15 Euros, and a small, 200ml bottle of water is also 7 Euros. So, i don't go there very often.

But i did go there the other night, with my housemates and a guy called Chris who'd been living and working here for a month. We went there as a kind of leaving for Chris, and it was on friday night. A giuy called Trentmoeller was DJing, and he was awesome! He played 'Let's Dance' by David Bowie, which i liked!!!

I'm sure there'll be many more posts about clubbing...i hope to include some interesting stories of people i meet and dance with. Until then...

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