Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahoy there!

A little equation to begin.

What do you get when you have one huge boat, plus a sound system, divided by 2 DJs, and multiplied by 250 Ibiza workers?

Answer: One very crazy party!

So, i got up at 5 am - nearly didn't go to bed as i usually work till that time - to go to 'Shipwrecked', the boat party that hundreds of workers go on each and every Wednesday morning. One word...'AWESOME!'

The sun was beginning to rise and give way to a fresh day in San Antonio, and myself and four others jumped onto a large ship full of people. I've heard many crazy stories of these parties, and stepped on thinking i'd end up walking the plank, but straight away, we met loads of familiar faces that work in the West End, and it was great to see them and hang out with them and not be in 'work-mode'. We had several 'what are you guys doing here?' comments, but on the whole, we partied and let our hair down with the rest of them, minus the copius amounts of drugs. But to be honest, it isn't much different to what i see in the clubs on land. The music was great, and i had met the DJ the night before, and he and everyone else was so down to earth and themselves. You didn't get any real snobbishness that you're used to in the clubs. It was quite fun watching people dance when the boat was swaying and being tossed by the sea. I did get a few funny looks, as people worked out that i wasn't 'on' anything, yet danced with as much energy and enthusiasm, if not more.

The boat sailed around the West side of the Island, stopping near a gorgeous piece of rock called 'Es Vedre'. It was beautiful, and i took loads of snaps. I got to meet more workers and catch up with those i already knew. I absolutely loved the experience, and will definately be going back there to hang out, dance and smile at the people on the boat. 'Ahoy!'

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Fredrik said...

Do you ever check your email? Or do you party to much? ;)