Monday, July 28, 2008


Sorry for the silence. I'm trying to get my head round this whole blogging whilst at the same time trying to keep up with it. My friend Freddy tells me that i should blog little and often. I seem to be doing the opposite.

I've just had Kate Phillips and her friend Jo come and stay with me for the best part of a week. It was so good to have Kate here, as i consider her my little sister. Although i was super busy with work and didn't get much time to hang out with her and Jo, we did manage to go dancing in the West End and check out some nice places around Ibiza. I hope they'll be back...

This weekend has been so good. I was so knackered after such a busy week that i really needed time to catch up on sleep and stuff like that. I felt so refreshed after waking up on Saturday at 2pm, having a lazy afternoon, eating my breakfast of porridge and spending time reading my Bible and praying about some of the things on my heart. I sensed 'life' return to me, and felt like i was able to breathe again. Just stopping to think, pray and reflect has been so life-giving!

Today we all hung out as a community...beginning with hanging by the Pool and then eating together. We had an awesome Sausage casserole cooked by Michael French, who is out here for 3 months. We had several guests come and join us too: one worker from the West End who we know and also some guys from a band called 'OK Tokyo', who are playing Ibiza Rocks Hotel. All in all, such a good day of rest. Like it should be.

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