Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have nearly perfected my Spanish Alioli. You might be wondering what it is, so i'll tell you. It's basically a garlic mayonnaise. Actually, there's nothing basic about it, it's fundamental. It's foundational stuff. It's both cultural and part of the Spanish fabric. And it's very smelly and repeats badly on you!

I used to make mine back in England by using egg yolks and mustard and then blending it with an olive-based oil. But oh, i have seen the light. Actually, it was Tracy who shed light on this culinary and cultural matter. Over here, they don't use egg yolks at all. Instead they use milk, and a much lighter oil - sunflower oil. And they don't bother with mustard. And the result is awesome.

You start by peeling a clove of garlic and adding a teaspoon of salt. I prefer Maldon Sea Salt. Then add a small glass of semi-skimmed milk, about 75 ml. Blend that with a hand blender, and then start to trickle in your sunflower oil, a little at a time. Keep blending and adding the oil. I think about 50ml of oil, or just until the sauce starts to thicken. Add a twist of pepper and Bobs your uncle!

Awesome. Try is so nice with bread and crisps.


Big Chris said...

MMMmmmmmMMMMMMmm good stuff!

thats what i mis most about you, the food....Um....i mean the banter...the your personality...thats it...not the food.........hahaha ;-)

katrina said...

well, maybe i'll just have to come and check it out. oh wait, i AM coming. wahey!! :o)