Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love Sundays

Sundays are great here in Ibiza...

It's a day off for us as a team, but more importantly, it's time for us as a community to hang out with one another. I absolutely love hanging out with the people that i live and work with. Just for your info, the people that i spend most of my time with are Brian and Tracy (who lead 24-7 Ibiza), their 2 boys Ellis and Dan (who are just great young lads), Helen (whom i live with), and at present, 4 others who live with The Heasleys. They are Bethany, Michael, Ursina and Laura. We begin with lunch together, to which we all must try to make or bring something too. After we have spent good time eating and drinking we hang out around the pool, and most of the time play Water Polo. As the weeks go on, the games are getting more and more competitive.

At about 6pm, we have a very informal time of prayer and worship together. This lasts no longer than an hour, and we tend to have someone talk about something from the Bible, or about something that is relevant to what we are experiencing or going through as a team. We always pray for some of the things that we care about too. Quite often we break bread and drink wine to remember what Jesus did for each of us.

I'm really used to small group gatherings, as my church in London had about 30 or so members, so i've now gone to something even smaller. But i prefer the smaller gatherings. They are more intimate and seem real and genuine.

We finished the day with hanging out again, going swimming, having fun. I love it. A real rest and time to enjoy both the people that i'm with and the place that i'm in.

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Dave Carrol said...

I've been enjoying following the prayer room in ibiza!

we're part of a 24/7 community in Brantford ontario canada

Bless ya dude