Thursday, July 10, 2008

40 KG of Oranges

I have never bought 40 KG of Oranges before today...that's quite a few oranges! But they weren't for me, nor for the team with me. We bought them to give away, and that we did.

There is a short-term mission team with us from Ireland for 12 days, and one of the tasks that we gave them was to give away Oranges at 2 of the beaches that are popular with many tourists and workers from San Antonio.

So once we split the oranges between us, we headed in two teams to the beaches. Once there, i kid you not, it took about 10 minutes for all the oranges to go. That was that! People came from everywhere and wanted one, and one for their friend. It's such a great way to bless people and to simply be kind. I love doing it, as the simple act of giving something away creates connections with people so quickly. I had about 20 oranges that went in 1 minute. Many of the workers who sunbathe on the beach that i went to know about 24-7 Ibiza and that we give away Oranges from time to time and they love it. For many, it's the only fruit they'll have eaten in days.

It was great to bless people with something for free. It always suprises people and makes them think. The only reason that we give to people who ask why we do it, is that we want to be kind to people. Many people ask us why we want to be kind and give something away, and that always leads to deeper conversations about what we do and why we do it. And i love those conversations with random people.

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Fredrik said...

That must be one big bag! :)