Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Michael French - Nightclub Chaplain

This is Michael French (on the left - for those who don't know) and me partying on 'Shipwrecked', the weekly boat-trip for Ibiza's finest wreck-heads!

Michael joined 24-7 Ibiza in July and was here for over 3 months. He was such an amazing person to have around and to be on a team with. His heart and passion for God, people and music really impacted me, and i miss him thoroughly. I had only met him on a few occasions back in the UK, and i was pleased to know that he would be working with us during the summer. And i wasn't dissapointed. I have never seen anyone dance with such passion and enjoyment, and quite often people would stop and stare and ask him what drugs he had just taken. It was great seeing their faces when he told them he hadn't touched a thing. He was the ultimate dance partner, so infectious, and i am secretly hoping that he comes out again next summer, even for a holiday. It was great to DJ with him a few times too. Whenever i hear Fake Blood's choon 'Mars', i always think of Michael. He went crazy to that song, and so did i!

But he goes onto exciting things back in the UK. He has just been appointed the new nightclub chaplian in Bournemouth, a post i know that he will really serve with all his might! Having lived in the Bournemouth area i know some of the places and people, and i hope to visit him there and see what he's up to. I wish him all the best!

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