Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh My Life!

Yes, i can say that again....'Oh my life!'

Once again, a blog post that might send some of you to sleep - but i make no apologies for it!!!

Space closing Fiesta was simply awesome! 18 hour closing party with soo many amazing DJs playing, it was mind-boggling. Helen and i were amongst the first 10 in the queue, slightly Roy Keane, but you know, it was the closing! We got in about 12:30pm and we hung out inon the sunset terrace till about 4:30pm, seeing Steve Aoki and Jonathan Ulyseese. Steve Aoki had soo much energy and we began to really dance and go for it, maybe spending a little bit too much energy so early on. We then headed to the outdoor stage and saw a guy called Deadmau5 play his trademark lush and grooving melodic house. We then mooched back to the sunset terrace and saw Fedde le Grande who rocked it, and by then it was getting really busy. The outside car park probably held at least 3000 people...the atmosphere was electric and the weather unbelievable! We had a quick break before making sure we saw Steve Lawler outside and he was my fave DJ by far! He definately rules Space! And the show was unreal, some amazing costumes and one point the stage was overtaken by at least 10 characters from Star Wars. Then out came all these acrobats and the sight was incredible. David Guetta came on after Mr Lawler, but apart from his first choon - this amazing remix of 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' by The Chems, we weren't that bothered with him. We managed to catch the last half hour of Tom Novy on the sunset terrace and he made us all bend down and get low whilst the remix of 'Toca's Miracle' was being played. Once the breakdown finished we all jumped up - great moment! Once he finished we managed to battle through the crowds to make our way inside to the Terraza to see the one and only Groove Armada play. Never too sure about 2 producers who try to DJ - but they were really good. They of course rinsed 'Superstylin' - twice! During their set i was beginning to think 'I've heard this choon three times already today' - when you start thinking that, it must be time to go...and at that point (2:30am) i was beginning to flake out, and was getting thoroughly pissed off with the annoying Italians (before you ask how i knew they were Italian - they just were - ok?!) And yes, before you mention, i do need to get over my annoyance with people who can't dance - or rather with people who think that elbowing you several times is fine (Sorry - rant over). We chilled out a little and thought about our options...either head home or soldier on. Although i really wanted to see Danny Tenaglia play, i must admit it was me who suggested we call it a night. And DT wasn't on till 4:30am, and i couldn't find the strength to stay till then, so we called it a night - a really good one at that!

So it's with much sadness that Space closes until next summer. I hope it comes round quickly!

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crazy daisy said...

What??? you didn't stay till the end???
anyway, you had fun and enjoyed it...

c u in decembre ;-)