Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last night i prepared some Sushi, which has to be up there amongst my favourite type of food. It's such a simple, fresh and pure taste, and so delicious. I cheated by using tinned Tuna (a sin i know), and i also made it with cooked Mackeral. I hope to learn more during the Winter months here and to get much better at preparing it.

Something i did do last night, which i have wanted to do for a long time, is prepare some fresh Mackeral to use as Sushi. What i did was fillet a very fresh Mackeral and then covered it all over in Sea salt. This i left overnight, and then in the morning i cleaned off the salt and then covered it in a rice vinegar marinade that had some sugar in it. I left this for 45 mins to marinade and the result is fantastic. Here are some pictures once done:

I then had to skin the fillets. Mackeral has such beautiful coloured skin. The skin looked very wierd after i had done it.

Now, the fish is ready to eat. Fresh, Mackeral Sashimi. Ummmm!

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