Saturday, October 4, 2008

Space Closing

Yes, it's finally that time of year when all the clubs begin to finish and close their doors. As the summer sun begins to get cooler and the feeling of winter starts to hit in, not as many tourists make Ibiza their destination anymore. And so the clubs begin to close one by one, leaving the final party of them all: Space closing. Space is one of the best clubs on the Island, if not the world. When it opens at the beginning of June each year it really does mark the beginning of the season for the clubs. And the line up is to die for. It's like a mini-festival for 18 hours in one huge club. They open their massive car-park and it becomes an outdoor stage. The highlights are going to be seeing DJs like: Deadmau5, Steve Lawler, Danny's going to be difficult deciding where to be and when. There's too many stages to get round. But we've got plenty of time.

It's going to be a real celebration of the season that has just gone. I think nearly everyone is going tomorrow, from the local shop owner and his dog to hardened clubbers from around the world. For me, it's going to be special as i've never been to a Space closing before, but i did go to the opening this season. It'll be a moment to remember all he good times this summer and be thankful for all the people that i have met and have an absolute blast with 2 of my best friends here in Ibiza: my house-mate Helen and Micheal French who has been here for the past 3 months. They're both awesome people and it'll be great to be dancing with them. And we're likely to bump into loads of workers during the 18 hours, and i'm looking forward to being around them and having a laugh.

I will be getting up at about 10am in the morning, which is the earliest since i've got here. Not sure i'll do it...we'll see.


Fredrik said...

We leave for Spain on tuesday. See you 16.05 on the airport of Ibiza on friday! Miss you!

katrina said...

oh oh oh i wish i could come with u guys!

Tim said...

I'm soooo jealous right now!! :o)