Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop! Thief!

So mine and Helen's car got broken into whilst spending time with friends at Atlantis, which is near Es Vedre. As we parked up, we noticed a few Spanish Hippies hanging around - so it might have been them. When we got back to the car, the lock had been broken and my bag was nicked, and it contained my All Saints leather jacket! I can't tell you how gutted i was. And i was looking forward to a winter with lots of chances to wear it - quite sad really. I tell you, if i see it on someone - they're dead. It is the nicest leather ever - and was well expensive.

And Helen had her bag nicked with her phone, her purse, all her cards and drivers license and they tried to withdraw money within an hour of taking it. That makes me so angry as it is so wicked and not right.

But it was only a jacket - a possesion. I can live without it...just.

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hel-ann said...

anger issues? and what about killing someone holding my purse in their hands???