Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visit to Atlantis

This is the view from high up in the watch tower. The sea looks beautiful, and throughout the whole summer i've wanted to go down there and explore. Many times i have seen people rock-jumping down there and i've so badly wanted to visit that mysterious place known as Atlantis.

It's a marvelous place. The rocks have been cut out in such a special way. It all looks like a huge ship has turned on its side. The rocks are at such an acute angle that it makes it possible to scale them very easily, as if they are a giant stairway.

This is my friend Freddy, making his way up the side of the cliff. It's pretty steep, yet don't be fooled - it's easier than you think.

This is Agneta, adventurously making her way across the face of this giant cliff. She seemed to have alot of courage, making light of such jagged cliffs.

It was great to finally get the chance to visit this place, and i will definately be back, with my smimming trunks to do a bit of cliff-jumping. And hopefully this time we will not have our car broken into whilst exploring.

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