Tuesday, October 6, 2009

24-7 Rocks Amsterdam

I had the opportunity to be in Amsterdam this weekend as part of the 24-7 Prayer gathering. The meeting wasn't that large, yet many different nations were represented there, with Germany, Scandinavia, The Balkans, and Essex among the main groups! It was an excellent weekend, and i loved hearing some of the things going on in Europe and listening to some excellent talks inspiring us to renew our love for God and the call to pray.

It's so clear that 24-7 isn't about a vision, or a mission statement, or about buildings, or results but about people. What i love most of all about the 24-7 movement is the friendship i have with such great people. Doing what i do in Ibiza means I've had the privilege to meet some fantastic people over the past 18 months, and it was great reconnecting with many of them and catching up with them. It brings such life and renews faith in what I'm called to do. People are so supportive of Ibiza, in particular the Irish lot and the Boiler room in Standford-le-hope. What lovely people they all are! I love you guys. Thanks for the amazing Ethiopian that we shared...yum!

The highlight of the weekend was the Auction on the last day. T-shirts were designed and donated and sold to raise money for 2 couples to bless them in their work. I think about €2500 was donated. The giving and generosity during the sale of a special knitted t-shirt (made by Peggy from Standford) was remarkable. Who says being generous isn't fun? Good times!

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