Friday, October 30, 2009

So i thought i'd take a picture of my new car! Brian and Tracy have given it to me and it's such a blessing.

Firstly, it's an Audi!

Secondly, it's pretty nippy...hence the expensive insurance! ouch!

Thirdly, it's Red!

But most of all it's a pair of Wheels for me to get around the Island, and that's great. I just need to buy a new battery now and get it taxed and i'm all sorted! Am just so amazed at God's awesome provision and His perfect timing too. He knows my needs exactly, and just last week i was praying that God would provide the finance that i need and over the past week i've seen God provide through some friends in a remarkable way. I just think God is awesome and i'm so thankful to Him for the way in which He provides.

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Fredrik said...

Don't go to fast down the hill. :)