Monday, October 5, 2009

I Heart Amsterdam

The picture above is of the motto that the city of Amsterdam have adopted since 2005. These huge monuments are scattered throughout the city and represent the pride and confidence the locals have in their beautiful city.

During a seminar whilst attending the 24-7 Prayer conference I heard a guy mention that it's interesting that the words in red is the name God uses in Exodus to tell his name to Moses....'I am'. How cool is that? All over the great city of Amsterdam is Gods name. In a city with such a 'dark' reputation, we see Gods name right in the centre of it all.

I loved being in such a beautiful city. When i wasn't in meetings, i got to enjoy seeing the sights, the canals, the restaurants that serve every type of food, the people from every corner of the globe, and the buzz. One evening we did walk through the red light district as i wanted to see it firsthand. It was both shocking and sad, to see people literally 'on sale'. But apart from that, the city was such a fantastic place.

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