Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yo hablo espanyol!

Had my first Spanish lesson last night since June and boy, was it hard. My new teacher speaks way too fast, and i just couldn't keep up with her. I'm now in Level Two, and i can definitely sense the increase in difficulty. Everyone around me is speaking really good Spanish and I'm sat there just scratching my head.

But I've not giving up one little bit. I'm gonna stick it out and get on top of it all. I got asked to spell the word Portugese in Spanish - i was like, i can't even spell it in English let alone Spanish. Good times! This winter i want to really get on top of speaking Spanish!

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Unknown said...

Too funny! Don't worry last week I had to get some money out of the bank to pay the builder and I had a mental block in writing thousand. So basic but hey I have never really ever had to spell it. When you back for Christmas?