Tuesday, October 13, 2009


About a month ago, Brian (our 24-7 Ibiza leader) got stopped by the police in our 24-7 Ibiza van one night and was accused of being an illegal taxi. This was not good, as for one, we're so not a taxi service, even though we do take back drunks to their hotel, and two, it's a €6000 fine.

Jog on!

Brian and Tracy have been going to the Spanish authorities and also the British consulate, but have been met with no success. It looks like we (24-7 Ibiza) will have to pay this fine.

I'm not having that! This is just not acceptable. It's not fair, as we're not a taxi service that takes money - it's a free service - everyone knows this. We do it because we're being kind and offering a service that no one else does. It's a massive blow to everything we do and all that we stand for. We need to sort this as if we pay, we're owning up to being illegal and it could jeopardise our future work.

So - I'm asking if you could stand with us and pray about this pressing issue. We need a breakthrough, and we need the authorities to do a 180 degree about turn. This can only be done if we pray, pray and pray. Thanks.