Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My friend Helen leaves!

So it's with real sadness that i said goodbye to my friend Helen, who left on Sunday to make her journey back home to Germany. She's been serving God and 24-7 Ibiza for nearly 3 years, and she's just made such an impact upon this place. She's back safe and sound - how the car got her home, i'm not sure. Some prayer and some good mechanics maybe?

She packed her car up on Sunday, and i helped her, but as we all know, Helen is great at organising and packing, and squeezed all her stuff into the glovebox of her Peugeot. I was amazed that she managed to fit all her bags and shoes and nail painting thingys in her car...

I'm now on my own in Spanish and can't turn to Helen for assistance. All the Moroccan guys at Spanish are gutted that she's not around either ;) "Donde es Helen?" "Donde?"

Helen is a pilgrim, someone wanting to follow God and His call, and i wish her all the best as she seeks to live a life for God in Germany. I hope she comes back to visit and come clubbing, maybe to We Love...

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